May 18, 2024

As always, there’s a host of gurus posting stuff for Lightroom 4.

Ladies First: Julianne Kost on Adobe TV:

The Lightroom Queen, Victoria Bamptom has her say:

Ellie Kennard from Prodig:

Stephen Shankland from CNET:

Plugin King, Jeffrey Friedl:

Gene at Lightroom Secrets:

Rob Sylvan of Lightroomers:

NAPP have a huge resource:

Photoshop Cafe:

Rikk Flohr:

Andrew Rodney on Soft Proofing:

Terry White:

Laura Shoe:

Ian Lyons ACP:

Lightroom Lab:

Inside Lightroom:

The Photo Geek, Matt Dawson:

For the Dutch with Piet Van den Eynde:

For the French with GillesTheopile

And Volker Gilbert:

Clicio gives us the Portuguese rundown:

And for the Web Module, Matthew Campagna details internal changes that affect Mac users mostly.

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