May 22, 2024

Tom Hogarty has announced the availability of Lightroom Version 2. It’s priced at $299 or $99 on upgrade. You can get the program from There is also a trial version available.

Tom has an extensive list of the new features in V2 over at the Lightroom Journal blog. There’s little point in repeating it here, so jump over there for a look!

One thing I will highlight though is the release of the DNG Profile Editor and the associated profiles. These profiles provide you with a way to emulate the Picture Styles and Modes, etc from camera makers. This has been a major pain point for users, so now you can finally have Lightroom and Camera Raw emulate these looks. Not only that, but you can cheat a bit and emulate the looks from other cameras using the DPE, by copying the settings from one camera profile, to that of a different camera. The actual information is based on the sensor, so it won’t be an exact match, but it is tweakable. Expect to see 3rd parties with film emulation profiles!

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