July 15, 2024

Being under NDA with Adobe, I’m not in a position to discuss features and other things related to Lightroom 1.1. But seeing as John Nack has done the Camera RAW 4.1 and Lightroom 1.1 announcement, I will pull together things that are already out there.

With Camera RAW 4.1 available, Jeff Schewe from Photoshop News has done a wonderful article on the new features within. As John Nack has mentioned, these features will also be appearing in Lightroom 1.1.

Key things which were mentioned are Improved Sharpening (Jeff goes into great detail on this), Noise Reduction and a new control called Clarity. Clarity fits into the Vibrance scale of new controls. It’s a local contrast adjustment and according to Jeff was originally to be called Punch. He won’t say why it changed though!

Tom Hogarty, the Lightroom Product Manager, also weighs in on release times to let us know about when 1.1 may be available over at Lightroom Journal, the official Lightroom Blog. While no date is set, Tom explains “Testing and qualifying all those improvements is taking more time than it takes us to get the Camera Raw update tested and out the door. I believe that you’ll find it worth the wait.”
More as we get it!

4 thoughts on “Lightroom 1.1

  1. Jerry,
    Even ‘None’ in Develop settings creates a preview. What you are seeing is the camera generated preview being replaced by the Lightroom generated preview. Lightroom has no idea what your camera settings are and creates a preview based on the develop setting you apply on import. My suggestion is to work in Develop to get a look similar to that you like from the camera and save it as a Develop Preset. Then choose that preset to apply on Import.

  2. I am using a Nikon D200 shooting in raw. When I load my images into lightroom 1.1 the image first appears to be exactly what I want, then there is a (for want of a better word) pop and the skin tones drop, the black go blacker. When I spoke with adobe, I was told that it was something my camera was doing. I don’t think that is correct. Any help.
    There are no adjustment when importing.

    Thank you,

  3. I have a 1D MK III, and am desperate for lightroom 1.1 with raws 4.1 with it…..

    when will it be released?
    there are a lot of frustrated 1d III owners wating for it………..

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