June 17, 2024

Hey folks,
I’m not magically forgetting to put stuff on Lightroom Blog. Just coming out of the busiest time of the year. On top of which Essential Development was revised.

So what’s on the agenda? Well there’ll be a few more videos coming up, possibly an inexpensive commercial one too.

I’m the bare bones of a new gallery design started for a new personal project too.

I did my first craft fair last weekend, so I spent ages printing, mounting, signing and sealing prints for sale. It did ok. Not minimum wage okay, but still profit on prints, and better ideas for the next one. Lesson: get smaller cheaper prints. This isn’t about art, it’s about commodity.

I’m also still getting settled in the new studio. It’s hard to break the habit of working at home, so I’ve been trying really hard to just work in the studio. It means longer days here, but I get more done.

Of course the immediate thing is a large retouching backlog, compounded with loads of client selections coming back together.

I’ve 2 or 3 book ideas as well, so I’ll be doing outline for them shortly. Not even Lightroom related, but there will be a little Lightroom in each.

We’ll get there! Thanks for sticking along too.

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