July 15, 2024

Since the release of LRB Portfolio, you might think I had a break after the development time? Well no actually. It was straight into 1.01 bug fixing and feature requests. The main bug was the menu going over too far in IE, but that’s now fixed. There was also some instant update issues with some of the menu items. I replaced the variable to solve that. Images Per Gallery had a px after it. Now removed.
As to features, I’ve a basic Flash music player added. I also made a little music loop in Reason to demo it. Because it’s Flash, it won’t preview on PC in Lua galleries. That’s an IE limitation due to the way it handles plugins like flash. It does show with Preview in Browser though.
Other feature requests done are: Option to remove the Home page link. Done, but you have to start on the home page.
Page Title: you can have a different title on the title bar, rather than Site title, which is used on the main page.
Logo Top Gap: Those worried that the gallery was too far down now have the option of setting this height from 0-200px (default is still 100px).
In Site Info I’ve added headers to each section for clarity.
My latest is in the hands of testers and the file will be updated when all the new bugs introduced with the features are sorted out. Previous purchasers will be able to redownload. Those that used up the quota can email in for a refill.
I don’t have a time on this, because I don’t know what they might find!

Update 4/9/08: I’m putting the music player on hold to get out a dot releases with more important fixes and cleanup. The music code requires the use of a) flash and b) frames, neither of which are previewing for me in XP. I’ve mentioned the Flash issue above, but the frames issue is a little more subtle and requires more thought..
Testers will get a drop shortly and hopefully give the okay.. Sorry it has to be this way, or you’d only be complaining more if it was broken!

19 thoughts on “Head down into 1.01

  1. Of course, I never expected it to be in the next release.

    The reCAPTCH UI that I’ve integrated is not especially pretty, it was just easy. I certainly don’t advocate it over other similar types of things, it was more just a type of functionality it’d be nice to see in the future.


  2. Hi James,
    The problem with adding and adding is that they still require testing and from experience, late added features end up being the most buggy. I’ll get this release out before adding anything else.

    Like I said, I do intend adding Captcha, but it’ll be more along the lines of what John Beardsworth is using for his blog:
    The one I used for my photoblog still let stuff through there so I would want something stronger, but as friendly as the above example.

  3. I’ve been very hapy with v1.0 although I manually “fixed” the page width issue in my css, as well as dropped the Logo Top Gap to 80px.

    As for the “spam concern”. Can’t any robot automatically submit the form and send ME spam? This is why I integrated Captcha, to ensure that I’m being sent emails by people rather than computers.

    The downside is it requires the use of PHP for the contact page, but the form based email used mail.php anyway. If you’re interested I’m happy to send you my hacked together page.


  4. Hi James,
    The current form has spam protection built in. All the form elements are tested for, and only one email address is allowed.

    Captcha was on my mind, but won’t be on the cards until later.
    I’m done with 1.01 unless my testers find another bug, so I’m as keen to get it out the door as people are waiting for it. In truth there’s only 2 bugs with 1, and one of them is a browser issue….

  5. All the images in a collection will be created on export, whether or not you have them linked in the gallery.

    So you could have 53 images and reference those for the home, about and contact pages.

    The home contact and about page use DIV tags to separate the text and image. One has a fixed width, so you can’t center an image, and there’s not easy way to code this as an option.

  6. Hi again!
    Been testing some more and have afew ideas/suggestions. Decided that I just wanted an image on the home/start page with no text. But I did not want one of the images in the galleries. So I added an extra image (in my case no 51) and pointed to it as the no for the home page. Seems to work. The home page is shown with the right image and it does not appear in any of the galleries.
    One problem though.. I can not get it to be centred. How could I solve this? Is this some thing that can be incorporated in future releases?
    There is a test om my site :
    There you can also see what I would like to be able to do with the text on the about page.


  7. Hi!
    Just purchased the template and have been playing with it for a while.
    One thing that I would really like to se is a way to format the text in both the home and about pages.
    The text limit right now is way to small!
    Any way to allow a longer text?
    The size would also be great to be able to change


  8. No, no not in the current version, Mr Schmidt. In fact, to accomodate the music player not replaying on each page, I’ve rebuilt using frames.
    There will be a tester drop this evening and hopefully it’ll good to go soon. Patience. V1.0 isn’t even a week old!

  9. I just got this today is this fixed on my download??
    “Logo Top Gap: Those worried that the gallery was too far down now have the option of setting this height from 0-200px (default is still 100px).”
    I would sure like to move the gallery up and maybe be able to put the navigation at the top!! Very cool product, thanks. Jerry

  10. I’ve a big discussion on this in the support thread at lightroom-forums.
    In theory, you do this, but only if you fix the number of galleries to get the correct total. If you mix and match galleries and links it’ll mess up..

    You could create filler images and delete the reference from the generated gallery.html file.
    I’ll be making a matching single gallery file to allow you to overwrite the gallery file with a new one..

  11. Well what I meant was that each gallery could have a different number of images (by specifying the start image for each). For example first gallery starts (by default) from 1st image, the second from 8 and 3 the rd from 12. Which makes 7 images for the first gallery, and 4 images for the third one.

    As for the last gallery – I haven’t experimented but other galleries in Lightroom basically work like that – first galleries will be filled in and the last one might contain less images than the whole page.


  12. Hi Ivar,
    You can start with any image you like by sorting it in a collection.
    If you’ve 10 images per gallery, the 1 is the first image of the first gallery, 11 is the first of the next, 21 etc etc..

    Never considered that about the last one. I would thought it would throw an error..
    Time to investigate!

  13. Hi Sean,

    here’s another idea/feature (I’m not sure if it is possible to implement that): specifying the start image for each gallery? Right now all gallerys must share the same number of images (except the last one I guess).


  14. I thought that My latest is in the hands of testers and the file will be updated when all the new bugs introduced with the features are sorted out. was clear? Maybe not.

    I’m hoping it won’t be too long. You will be able to use the link that was sent as I’ll be updating the file that’s downloaded.
    There will also be an official announcement at the time.

  15. Thanks so much. So now to get the update we follow the orig. link and that will download the new file? or are you saying that it’s not yet ready? Thanks again.

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