July 15, 2024

Photoshop CS4 is now available, along with Camera Raw 5.0, a new generation of the Camera Raw pipeline. Version 5.0 doesn’t contain all the new camera updates from 4.6, but 5.1 will be released shortly to being them to par.
For Lightroom users, CS4 will automatically replace CS3 in the Edit in Photoshop menu item. To continue to use CS3 from there, you can select it as an external editor (note that an intermediate file is created with external editors).

For more info see Lightroom Journal

2 thoughts on “CS4 ships

  1. Because loads of other apps can’t read that information and need a hard copy to see the edits.

    Only Photoshop with the most current Camera Raw can read them without generating an intermediate file, and even then it has to be from the Edit in Photoshop menu..

    Lightroom will be updated to 2.2 at some stage as new camera models appear. Camera Raw will update to match it with 5.2, which will be CS4 only (the 4.6 update was officially announced as the last release in the 4.X cycle, version 5 is not CS3 compatible)

    When you open the file in you don’t lose the XMP, it’s applied to the file that’s created.
    With Tiff and Jpeg (and DNG for that matter), this XMP is stored internally in the file.

  2. Sean,

    Do you have any idea why LR2 needs to create “intermediate” files for external editing when it saves edits into sidecar files anyway?

    This makes no sense….

    I have a 3008 x 2000px RAW file that I can easily edit in PS CS3 and enlarge, but if I edit it in LR2 first, I lose the sidecar files…..


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