June 17, 2024

Lightroom Help Administrator Anita Dennis has just posted a cool tip in response to a help question. The question was:

How can you maintain one crop size, like 8×10 without having to select it each time as you go through a folder of pictures?

And the answer?

Use the keyboard shortcut S, which lets you crop to the same aspect ratio as the previous crop.

Bear in mind that you need to be in Develop for this to work and that you must apply a crop to the first image. The ratio in the crop is copied to the next image. It’s not in the same location though. It’s centered and will be the same height/width as the image depending on the ratio and orientation. To apply the same crop to a number of images (i.e. same location and size) use the Sync.. button with Crop selected in the dialog.

1 thought on “Cool Crop Tip

  1. Ah! Wish I’d known this last week, when I wanted to crop a load of pictures to the aspect ratio of a digital photo frame! Thanks, this’ll come in handy next time!

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