May 23, 2024

Hi Folks! I know I’ve been a bit quiet here, but that’s because I was at Focus On Imaging for most of this week, along with preparing for it. I did 2 talks a day on the stand. I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m their Lightroom Master, so I was there promoting this new aspect of the training. The other new Master there was Kenny Martin, showing off a new portrait promotion called ‘Photo Noir’, or ‘Back 2 Black’. I was very impressed with his talks. (As a former MPA president, he’s well able to present!).

For my early talk, I did a landscape develop tutorial, followed by a beauty retouch tutorial. In the late talk, I did a little on Split Toning for Sepia and Cross Processed looks, followed by showing off my plugins. The plugin talk was a little short the first day, so I got up early on Tuesday and made a power point presentation to give it more direction.

Thanks to all the people that came up to speak to me both with questions and, of course, those with compliments on the training that’s up on

Finally I should mention that there’s plans afoot for a UK tour with Mark Cleghorn from PT4U. We’ll be doing a Photoshop and Lightroom tour in November, so keep your eyes peeled for more information on that.

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