May 18, 2024

In a bold move Adobe have made the license for Lightroom cross platform. You can install on 2 machines regardless of OS.
Tom Hogarty from Adobe makes this clear: “The End User License Agreement(EULA) for Lightroom specifies 2 computers but does not restrict the platform.”

7 thoughts on “Adobe Photoshop Lightroom: Cross Platform

  1. is this inferring that you can get LR and install it on more than one computer? like with all the mac installations?

  2. Yes, but because of the extremely shortsighted way that Lightroom addresses file (absolute paths only), there is no way to share a library between mac and PC.

    Unless someone has a work-around.

    Adobe should have made the library refer to files by relative paths (like iPhoto), then it would have been fixable.

  3. Xplatform licensing probably has something to do with Adobe’s acquisition of Macromedia, and the merging of how the licensing works on all their apps. Ealier versions of Dreamweaver and Flash, etc were cross-platform applications like this.

    My demo of lightroom runs out in 3 days so I finally bought my own copy. I am loving processing images from my Pentax with LR.

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