May 23, 2024

The 24 minute long video demonstrating Version 2.1 of LRB Portfolio, has resolution in the form of an update to LRB Portfolio.
Since the video was created I’ve added a few small changes: Twitter, Facebook and MySpace contact options, along with a user field. I’ve also changes the code to allow those using Windows Servers to see their images! These servers block access to folders called bin, and the default image folder for Lightroom is called… bin.
Compared to Version 2.0, there is a massive UI change in this version.
Finally: You can have however many images you like in any gallery. Yep.. the slider is gone and you deal with it on a gallery by gallery basis. The only catch is you HAVE to use consecutive galleries.
To Download, please use your Download link if you are a current user, you know, the one that was emailed to you when you bought and were told to keep safe? Yes that one. New customers can purchase from the LRB Portfolio website.

Please direct support questions to the support thread.

17 thoughts on “YAU: Yet another update. LRB Portfolio up to version 2.1

  1. If it doesn’t work, then something in your servers PHP setup is preventing it from sending. This won’t throw an error, because it’s after the PHP form has run.
    There’s nothing I can do about this.
    This is the reason why the alternate contact options are there.

  2. Hi Sean, I’ve tried posting this question on the support thread but it won’t work. I used the older version of lrb portfolio. Site is I can’t get the contact form to work. When people use it I don’t get an email. Can you help? Thanks!

  3. Hi there!

    How can i remove the “end of gallery” warning text? Every time i rollover a gallery a white rectangle appears empty where it was suposed to be the end of gallery text.

    vic barper.

  4. If you search the net on this, you'll find cursing and swearing all over the forums about JIT Debugging..

    Anyway, this helped one user:

    try this (from google):


    Open Start>Control Panels>Internet Options: Advanced and activate (check box)

    * Disable Script Debugging (Internet Explorer)
    * Disable Script Debuggung (Other)

  5. Hi Sean

    after istallzione of lrbport21, the following error Scripts:
    JIT Debugging

    There was an exception “Runtime Error” in Script.
    However, it is no debugger can debug this exception.
    Unable to JIT debug monitor.

    This error happens because no so.
    You can help me?



  6. Hey Sean, just wanted to say this thing is great! I have been trying to find something (easy) to do this for a while and your plug-in hit the spot! Now if I can figure a way to make a blogger page look the same I can integrate a blog with it and it will be perfect!

    I know you are selling this thing (and I bought it) but I appreciate something that is simple, professional looking and easy to use. Your video instructions really helped too.


    The site is


  7. Yes James.
    I noticed this long long long before you 🙂

    It’s a 3rd party script, used with permission. Ergo I have no control over it.
    Actually the script loads immediately, it’s just waiting on the images to load.

    If you want people to think it might scroll, use the Centre option.
    Even the Stephen Eastwood site where I first saw this script is the same.

  8. Hi Sean,

    I really like the changes in 2.1 but I’ve got one bit of feedback.

    The image gallery scrolling script seems to load absolutely last, which means you can’t scroll the gallery for quite some time on large galleries. This combined with the lack of a scroll bar means it’s not even obvious that the gallery scrolls at all unless you persist.


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