July 15, 2024


Craft and vision have announced David duChemin’s 3rd installment in the Vision is Better series. And if you haven’t got the others, no matter, because the 3 are available as a bundle, with over 300 pages of material to inspire you for a mere $10. Vision is Better 3 itself can be had for $5, a worthwhile investment for over 140 pages.

Vision is Better 3 is a curation of 50 articles from David’s blog, along with 2 new articles, and larger images than on the blog. Of course you can read these on the blog, but there’s something more relaxing siting back reading this collection of short essays on the iPad, away from the computer. No page load times or website UI to distract from the content. Text and photos relating only to the topic at hand: getting you to widen your vision and impart skills to improve your photography.


Repurposing blogs for books isn’t a new thing, but this is beautifully put together. Yes, I am a little prejudiced, I am a Craft and Vision author after all. But part of why I am with them is the design ethic focus on clean, simple and beautiful with a focus on the photography. This is no exception.

I haven’t read the whole book. Gasp! ‘Why not Sean?’ I hear you ask. Well, for a simple reason. In the few days I’ve had to look over it, I’ve come to realize, this isn’t a read once and forget book. It’s a book to dip into, like a treat when you get a gap. Waiting for the train, waiting on a client. Waiting for the Sun. It’s a word of encouragement when you need it, or often, a kick in the butt you deserve.


The content covers a broad range of topics. Sometimes it’s tips on Landscapes, sometimes it’s post production. Occasionally, it’s just photographic essays.

Honestly, for $5, you’d be hard pushed to get something else as broad ranging as this, with as much interest. It’s probably closer to a David duChemin only issue of Photograph, but cheaper. Invest in your vision.


You can get the Vision is Best Bundle for $10, or Vision is Better III for $5. Yep, these are affiliate links. I’m back on my own, and everything helps!

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