July 15, 2024

I’m going to regret this when my server load goes bananas. With all the questions on Cropping coming up on the forums, I’ve done a video on it.
This is my first video folks, done on my Macbook Pro on a demo copy of Snapz Pro X, using my headset mic. I may bring home a mixer and a decent condensor for next time but for now, Please excuse the any audio impropriety. The video quality is reasonable, enough to understand. I just needed it to be small enough. I’ll do better next time here too. This is a zipped MP4 and should play fine in Quicktime. Right click on the image and save linked file as. Otherwise the movie is here

Next time I promise I’ll speak louder. I’ll be in a room where no one is sleeping near me!

3 thoughts on “Video: Crop & Straighten.

  1. Hi Russell,
    The save button is for Libraries and not implemented. Your edits are saved automatically. If you want a hard copy you can either Export using the Export button in the Library or Edit in Photoshop. If you have another application specified in Preferences, you can also Edit and save from there.

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