May 18, 2024

As is common knowledge by now, Lightroom has been updated to 1.2. To keep compatibility with Photoshop, Camera RAW 4.2 has also been released. I would’ve made the announcement myself at release time, but I was away in London for a few reasons. One of them was to see Prince in concert. I’d love to show you some pictures processed in Lightroom but cameras were banned from the show!

There is an installer issues for those with non English regional settings, which can be solved with Andy Rahn’s walkthrough on the official Lightroom blog: >Lightroom Journal.

1.2 for me has a great fix and small break: The base noise reduction at different ISO’s has been reduced. This is great for concert images at ISO1600, which looked very painterly. Yes there was little noise, but unfortunately, there was also little detail. And no, I’m not confusing sharpened noise with actual detail. The break was with Import from Device, which no longer functions. If you auto import from card, you probably won’t even notice it, but as I leave the card in and do multiple imports for different shoots, I do notice it. I have to eject and reinsert the card for each import set. Very annoying.
This actually reminds me of an old request I’ve made a few times. When we dealt with the Shoots concept in the Betas (where a mix of real and virtual folders), you could import different dates to different folders and apply different metadata, develop and keyword settings to each date. In the release versions you can only apply one set of each on import. I’d like to be able to apply the old way please!

My final update is to mention that I’m getting my nose to the grindstone in the writing of a Lightroom book. More details will follow as I find out how much I can say!

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