February 22, 2024

The Identity Plate is a useful tool for branding Lightroom, and for image proofs. This video shows how to setup up multiple Identity plates and then use and modify them in Print.

2 thoughts on “Setting up and using the Identity Plate in Lightroom

  1. Great tutorial on the multiple identity plates and their uses. Now….I’m struggling creating a “master” catalog. One that would have all of my metadata and watermarks and identity plates and presets in it and then I can just copy and rename it for each client. I keep making a catalog and editing everything how I want it…..identity plate, etc….then I copy it and rename it “master”….but when I go to open that “renamed master” one….the identity plate, the watermark and the metadata presets aren’t already set up. They are there and I have to go to each catagory and select them but I was hoping that there was a much more convenient way. Any suggestions? thanks

    1. If you have Store Presets with Catalog turned off, all your presets should be available to every catalog. Identity Plates simply don’t travel between Catalogs, no way around it. I keep ID Plates in their own folder. Easiest way!

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