May 23, 2024

Hey folks, just to let you know, my 5th Lightroom video has gone up onto It covers keywording in Lightroom and is based on images from Mark Cleghorn’s Monkey Business 3 tour. There’s many more videos in the works for them. As well as my own stuff, there’s a lot of great material on there already from Mark, and the other Masters. Kenny Martin has an excellent series on Photoshop Elements, and Andy Rouse features as Wildlife Master. There will be more Masters coming on board shortly too, with pet photography, wedding and business videos in the pipeline with Gary and Sue Williams. I know Jay is currently in Scotland shooting the Pet Photography videos.

If you use the Code ‘pro’ (in lower case) you can get one months access to the site to try it out for £9.99 rather than the normal £22.99. Also if you enter my name ‘SEAN’ in as a discount code, you get the one year membership for £149 instead of £199. There’s also a Freeview section to give a non financial taste.

Update: I did check the original code ‘PRO’ and it did work for me, but I’ve been informed that it’s lower case, so heads up on that-use lower case ‘pro’!.

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