May 22, 2024


I’m putting the final touches to my material for the Photoshop Vs Lightroom tour with Mark Cleghorn. From Monday, we’ll be doing 8 dates around the UK, starting in Glasgow and finishing up in Cardiff.

The day will kick off with Mark & I talking about Photoshop and Lightroom differences and similarities. Next onOne Software will be talking about Lightroom integration with their products. onOne recently launched a new version of their software, including Perfect Layers, allowing you to layer files in Lightroom.

This will be followed by Mark doing some retouching demonstrations. Just before lunch, I’ll be talking about improvements in Lightroom 3 and discussing using Lightroom 3 in general, basically as a lot of mini tutorials. I’ve be covering things like lens corrections, creative vignetting, cross processing/toning/B&W.
After lunch onOne go through the new software. Next I’ll do a session showing Workflow on a fashion shoot, from import to final deliverables. Finally Mark will do some work on page layouts and album design.

Day Programme
9am- 9.30 Registration

9.30 – 10.30 – Lightroom V’s PhotoShop with Mark Cleghorn & Sean McCormack

10.50 – 11.10 onOne Suite 5 with Lightroom Integration

11.15 – 12pm – Retouching and Fixing The Face with Mark Cleghorn

12.15 – 1pm – Secrets of Lightroom 3 with Sean McCormack

1pm – 1.45pm – Lunch

1.45pm -2pm – onOne Whats New

2pm – 2.45 – RAW and Image Workflow with Sean McCormack

3pm – 3.45pm – Page Layout and Album Design with Actions with Mark Cleghorn

4pm – Finish
lunch is not included but at all venues lunch packs are available to purchase

Each day is £30 and specifics on venues/booking info is available here.

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