May 22, 2024

If you’ve read my book , then you’ll have seen me cover Palette in my section on plugins for Lightroom.
Well today they’ve launched officially. Obviously seeing that my book is out now, I’ve had one to play with for a bit. In the past I’ve looked at using beta plugins to run external midi hardware. Palette is different. For a start, Lightroom CC/6 has internal hooks specifically for hardware controllers built in, so the integration is much tighter than before. Palette also uses profiles, so the same set of modules can be used to do different tasks.

The awesome @palettegear launched today #lightroom #hardware #photo #workflow

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My primary use is for speedy editing of my nightclub photo work. By edit, I mean both deleting duds and fixing the ones I’m sending to the client. Here’s a little GoPro video I made of me looking at the palette in the typical evironment where I use it. This isn’t mention to be production quality, though I may do something like that.

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