March 5, 2024

A typo in the mail.html file of LRB Portfolio 2.4 can cause an error message to appear in Lightroom. A fix has already been uploaded. Simply redownload the file or edit the mail.html file, line 74 to read <% if model.nonCSS.menuBottom then %><% includeFile ('menu.html') %><% end %>
Apologies for the error. I didn’t work on the file, so I’m surprised to see this, but fortunately it seems fine now.

2 thoughts on “MInor error fixed in 2.4

  1. Hey Russ, thanks again.
    If you do try and use the form in Lightroom, it does show a text page with errors in it, rather than a php page.
    Obviously, as you say, the formated html page only shows up online.

  2. Sean,

    I was the user who pointed out there error and should mention that I did not get the error while in LR but when I uploaded the exported site and tried to use the contact page in a browser.

    Thanks again for getting it sorted out!



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