June 17, 2024

Matt Kloskowski has posted more presets this week, rather cool (or warm) sunset presets, albeit a day late.
I know, the presets usually come on Monday but I wanted to change it up this week. Actually, yesterday just got away from me. Anyway, this week I’ve got some presets for you that are specifically geared for sunsets with lots of sky. As I was looking through my photos I realized there were basically two types of sunsets – cool or warm. The cooler ones typically had lots of blues and some reds in them. The warmer ones had more of a yellowish color to them. So I made a few tweaks in White Balance as well as HSL and saved them a while back. Now whenever I have a sunset photo I usually give these a try first and I get great results most of the time. If anything, it’s a great starting point and you can always go tweak the Temperature and Tint settings under White Balance for more or less of the effect. Have at ‘em!

I’ve used similar presets for ages, but it’s great the way he has them done as 2 levels of cool or warm.
Here’s an image from yesterday that I’ve applied the Cool II to. (Good timing Matt!)

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