June 21, 2024

I’ve just posted LRB Portfolio v2.11 to e-junkie.

This is mostly a bug fix version.

Gallery 6 link fixed
IE issue with normal gallery fixed (I can only confirm this for IE7, so if IE8 users have issues, please let me know)
IE8 Google CSS code is now optional. The code is supposed to fix IE8 CSS issues. There is one IE8 bug that could affect the normal (not Cmotion) scroll gallery.
I accidently left out the option to change the Contact Page Name and URL in the 2.1 UI change. This is now back in.
Added Auto Scroll, Keep Scrolling on Mouse Out and End of Gallery controls to the Cmotion section.
Em.. I can’t remember the rest. In the 3-4 weeks since the last version, there’s been bits added as I go.

I’m in the process of building a HTML version of my own website with this.

Current users can access the update via the download link they received on purchase. New customers are reminded to keep this link safe.

5 thoughts on “LRB Portfolio Update to 2.11

  1. HI Luis,
    The JIT is the problem, not the gallery. I can only link to posts on how other people got around it.
    It’s a nightmare for loads of programs, not just this gallery in Lightroom.

  2. Hi there, everything working fine except for the same error as reported by Chris Goldson.
    Read the post about the JIT etc but

    I don’t see how to make this error go away.. will have a look and debug it later. But is there a way to fix this js file so that every time I generate the site I don’t have to correct it again?

    ps: my first try is here:
    still some work in progress!

    Luis Faustino

  3. Sean I am getting a microsoft script de bug error when laoding 2.11. 1.1 works fine.

    if(typeof crossmain.style.maxWidth!==’undefined’)
    Any ideas?

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