July 19, 2024

LRB Portfolio has now been updated to version 2.51. This update has substantial under the hood changes to overcome the way Lightroom generates CSS. Now when you export (or Preview in Browser), LRB Portfolio creates a new CSS file from internal settings, but based on a template CSS file. It’s taken a while to get it right.

In addition there are some new features:

A Text Width slider that allows the user to set the width of the text in the Home, About, Contact and Blank pages.
An ID Plate Offset Slider that allows the user to nudge the ID Plate for better alignment
The non Gallery pages now use a separate header file to prevent an error in IE.
The code is now W3C valid. For the record, it’s possible to have useless valid code, but as some people are bothered by this, it’s done.
Fixed an IE bug where the ID plate could be hidden by the menu.

There are a few other bits and pieces changed, but mostly internal stuff. This was particularly hard work, with not a lot to show for it on the surface, but it was all still needed.

New customers can purchase the plugin from the LRB Portfolio Website. Current users can get the plugin from their download link, which they were encouraged to save on purchase. Support is available at the Lightroom Forums LRB Portfolio thread.

Update: Just pushed out 2.51 with layout fixes for the mail.html file page, which had orphaned CSS. I hate it when stuff like that happens.

8 thoughts on “LRB Portfolio 2.51 update available.

    1. I was at an SEO course that taught a whole lot more than is in that Peter. Of course Google changed the algorithms last week, so what is the current truth?

  1. Hi Sean,

    Some ideas for a future release.

    Is it possible to add more SEO input fields for title, description and keywords for every individual gallery including contact and about page? So we can give each page of our websites their own SEO variables. Now LRB has just one field that applies the text for every page the same. I hope this is possible.


    1. I’ve already added gallery titles an descriptions. That said, it really is the home page that counts for google. For that reason, I;ve added site text and title to the gallery index page. You can of course choose Caption in image info to have per image Alt tags which counts towards SEO.

  2. Lightroom has only a basic watermark built in and this can be used with this gallery. I do have tutorials on using LR2/Mogrify to create watermarks.

    LR3beta does have a better watermark, but I've held off adding this specifically because the code is not backward compatible with LR2.

  3. Hello Sean!

    First of all I have to say that your gallery is definitely best HTML one out there! And I really want to buy it, but I have one question.

    Sorry for posting my question here, I just don`t have a registration on LRForums.

    So here it is. Is there a way to export photos to gallery with watermarks? Or the only way is to export them with watermark separately, add back to the catalog and then use for a gallery?

  4. thanks for committing to improving ur great, amazing-value bit of plug-in goodness. 2 of my friends purchased it because i was so happy with it. my website has got lots of nice comments – when i tell friends it cost barely a fiver to create, they can't believe it.

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