June 17, 2024

LRB Exhibition has been updated to version 1.2. This offers bug fixes, and new features including:

Changed Alt tags to use Image Info title
updated version number in meta generator, menu and UI
Added checkbox to make blank page image optional
Added checkbox to make about page image optional
Added Slideshow functions
Added LinkedIn Button
Changed width and height to make it more fluid for different image sizes and shapes.
Changed arrows and added new buttons from @leonbutler
Gave menu a higher z-index to stop the text covering it.
Added per gallery warnings.

The update is available from the download link. New users can find more details and purchase information from http://lrbexhibition.com or by clicking the LRB Exhibition tab above.

8 thoughts on “LRB Exhibition updated to version 1.2

  1. Thanks Sean for a very easy to use plug-in.
    I have a problem IE. It won’t show the page correctly. The arrows don’t work and images won’t stay inside the frame.
    Why can this be?

  2. okay sean, i noticed, that the gallery works fine with safari and firefox. i think it is a probplem with my opera browser!
    so now i am convinced, that you made a really good job!
    i will recommend lrb exhibition to some friends!
    thank you, keep on doing this good stuff!

    thanks christoph

  3. hey sean,

    i bought the lrb exibition yesterday. i think it looks great and is simple to use aswell. you did very good work!

    but i have two problems. i hope you can fix them or tell me a way to do it my myself!

    one gallery can only take 36 pictures, after that the gallery shows only the portfolio background. i would like to show about 100, because i made a daily of a six day event and have sometimes more then 36 picture per day. if there is no way to fix this, you should at least put a note at the website, where you can buy lrb exibition, to avoid to disappoint your customers!

    if i change the gallery link from “gallery4.html” to anything else, like “day1.html” the number-links and the slideshow do not work and the slideshow controls and the arrows do not appera aswell.

    i hope i can help you to make the lrb exibitin better and to fix this problems.

    thanks and greetings from germany!

    1. Hi Christoph, there’s nothing restricting the number of images in a gallery, bar a maximum of 5000 in total. I also use renamed galleries with exhibition with no problems. This means I’m going to need a lot more details from you.
      In the case of 1, it’s possible that the images simply aren’t loaded yet. As for 2, I can’t think of something you can enter to break. Do you have something online I can look at?

    1. The download email gives you access to 9 downloads from the provided link.

      Please note, the download link will expire after 9 attempts.

      Thank you for purchasing this Web gallery for Lightroom.
      Questions and Suggestions can be left in the comments at http://lightroom-blog.com/2010/02/lrb-exhibition.html

      Please back up this link somewhere safe, or book mark the download page.
      This purchase entitles you to 9 total downloads after which another purchase is necessary. If you receive a note saying the download has expired, this mean you have run out of downloads. Please be careful to only click once to download the file for this reason.

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