July 15, 2024

By default, Lightroom has Grid, Loupe and Survey views. One thing that it doesn’t have, which is available in most other photo management app is a List view. Fortunately John Beardsworth has solved that issue rather neatly with a very customisable Plugin, simply called Listview.


Listview is a column based view of the files in the current  folder or collection. Each column content can be customised, and the view can be saved as a Preset to recall whenever you require that particular information set. As well as standard IPTC and Exif information, Listview also allows you access to custom metadata from other 3rd party plugins. You can also sort by any column.p>


One other great feature is that the list information can be exported to Excel or previewed as HTML in a browser.

Listview is available from http://photographers-toolbox.com for the princely sum of £8.

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