May 23, 2024

I’d like to announce Lightroom-News. I feel the need to because A long time ago, in a clandestine, dimly lit street, a stranger approached from out of the fog. His large frame was hidden in his dark cloak, while his hat covered any trace of his face. Just as he passed, he turned and glanced at me. A chill filled me. My body froze, while my once strong legs melted like butter on a pan. With nowhere to go, I was forced to turn and face my fear. In a booming voice he said’ So Martin and I were wondering, would you like to get involved with Lightroom News?’. “Yes” I said after a little thought.

And now it’s live and well worth looking at. LRN is a sister site to Photoshop News and will provide a central location for Lightroom related things from news to tutorials, including reviews and issues.

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