May 22, 2024

We’ve explained that Lightroom is database, and that to get images in, we need to import them. Above we have the small version of the Import dialog (toggled by clicking the arrow on the bottom left). Looking across the top, we can see the standard import Workflow. In this post, we’ll take a look at these options before delving down further. 

First we have the Select a Source section. Here we choose from Desktop, Pictures, and Recent Folders. In addition we can use ‘Other Source..’ to browse the disk to find images to Import. 


Once we have a source selected, the next step is choosing how we bring these images into Lightroom. The choices are : Copy as DNG, Copy, Move and Add. When a Camera or a memory card reader is attached, only Copy as DNG and Copy are available, to prevent the user accidentally deleting or corrupt original files. 

Copy as DNG copies files from the source, but converts them to DNG. Copy makes a copy of the images at the chosen destination. Move will move the files from the source location to the destination. Finally Add will bring images in where they are. 

The final option on the top is the Destination section. This is where the files will go. Again, Desktop, Pictures and Recent folders are options, along with ‘Other Destination..’ to browse to a specific folder. To control the exact folder, you can use the Subfolder tickbox, along with either a date option or ‘Into one folder’, which places it into the specified folder. 


That’s the essence of the Import process.

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