July 19, 2024

Lightroom mobile Product Manager Josh Haftel has announced a dedicated app to run Lightroom in mobile form on the Apple TV. The app can access Collections that have been synced via Lightroom mobile from the desktop. It’s designed to make sharing photos from your desktop to a TV as easy as possible. You’ll need an Apple TV and a Creative Cloud subscription.

The great thing is if you’re already using Lightroom mobile, and use an Apple TV, you can display your latest photos and edits to clients and friends easily.

You can’t edit on it, and you can’t apply ratings, so it’s not ready to be used as a selection tool yet. I know Adobe are just getting it out the door, but I think this would be the number one use for such an app.

Victoria Bampton has a walkthrough covering setting it up.

Worth getting an Apple TV for? It’s certainly adding to reasons I might.

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