May 22, 2024


The final version of Lightroom 5.2 and the matching Camera Raw 8.2 are now available. Download Lightroom 5.2 (Mac | PC). Camera Raw should be downloaded via Photoshop.

Being the first dot release, there are a few new features.

  • Spot Removal now has a feather control, to let the user blend the edge of both brushed and circular spots.
  • Color Noise Reduction has a new smoothness slider to reduce blotchiness in over large areas-great for really high ISO images.
  • The source point for Spot Removal has been improved. It works better with texture, and now prefers areas inside the crop boundary.
  • Smart Previews are now 2560px
  • Auto Exposure has been improved
  • You can now Ctrl + Alt + Drag (Cmd +Opt + Drag on Mac) a Brush pin to duplicate it.
  • There is also a right click context menu for a pin to duplicate or delete it
  • Bug fixes include

  • Timelapse sequences can be exported again. Yay!!!!! I’ll do a post on this shortly
  • The bug with exports less that 1/3 size has been fixed. Major joy.
  • Full Screen scrolling through photos fixed
  • For the full list, and new camera support (including preliminary support for the new Olympus EM-1), go to Lightroom Journal.

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