May 22, 2024

As the headcount reaches 3 on this subject, it’s time to have a chat about this.

The Just in Time Debugger causes havoc with lots of programs on PC.. So it isn’t just that you can get error messages with LRB Portfolio, Sonar, Mcafee, Filezilla are affected as well.

The 2nd from top link in Google comes to the rescue here though, or at least it did for 2 of those that reported it! The other one still has to get back to me!
The link is

And the bit that works is:


Open Start>Control Panels>Internet Options: Advanced and activate (check box)

* Disable Script Debugging (Internet Explorer)
* Disable Script Debuggung (Other)

The post itself is a wonderful tale of hate for the JIT debugger, so those with this issue can get sympathy from me!
Why does it happen? Well I believe it’s because Lightroom for Windows use Internet Explorer to preview inside Web, and the IS is throwing the errors.

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