February 22, 2024

Possibly the most annoying thing in Lightroom is when you’re working on a set of photos, but have another set to ingest. You put in the card, fill in the bits you need, and start import- even faster if you don’t need to enter anything and use an Import Preset. But then the Import takes over the collection you were working on, and you need to either manually navigate back to it, or use the Forward and Back arrows in the Filmstrip. Annoying, because you then have to find the image you were working on last, as well as the folder/collection.

Or do you? Fortunately, Adobe listened to us whining about how disruptive this process was. They won’t put in options willy nilly, so it must’ve been deemed important enough. I’m delighted to say that by unchecking ‘Select the “Current/Previous Import” collection drug in Import’ in the General tab of Preferences (Mac: Lightroom>Preferences, PC: Edit>Prefernces), you can prevent Lightroom jumping to this collection and get on with your work. Even in case where you do want to see the import, it’s a single click on the Current/Previous Import collection, vs 3 or 4 clicks to do it the other way around.


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