May 18, 2024

Former Lightroom Product Manager, George Jardine has an excellent article up on Digital Photo Pro about Heresy in Library Organisation. The article reflects on the fast food method of getting everything into Lightroom and aims at opening your eyes to new methods of organising, sorting and file naming in Lightroom.

“My goal is to break photographers of the habit, and try to help them open their eyes to the larger picture of what actually happens during import.”

George also has an excellent series on Lightroom LibraryDevelop, Image Correction (including Lightroom 5 Beta) and Catalog Management.


3 thoughts on “George Jardine: Library Heretic

  1. 20th May 2013 – What has happened to George Jardine’s website I have purchased his on line training videos for Lightroom 3 and 4 both Library and Develop modules and Catalogue Management modules for LR4, but today have found that his website appears to be unavailable. Anybody know what has occurred??

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