July 19, 2024


So the reason I’ve been quiet recently is that I’ve been working hard on revising Essential Development for Lightroom 5. Now it may seem that the additional lens corrections, radial filter and advanced healing should just be a few bits extra in the book and off we go. Not quite.

Firstly the addition of the Radial filter icon meant that 90% of the screen captures had to be done again, or at least edited. In a lot of cases I had to follow along with the book to recreate it. A good way of revising the book I guess!

Then there’s the edit after materials delivery, and then the PDF edit, which was to a hard deadline in the middle of my busiest week of the year. I’m typing this before an afternoon nap with a lunchtime gig done, and then I go shoot 3 acts, then on to mix a gig until 3am, for the 2nd day in a row-same tomorrow, bar the photography.

It’s a delight to have the book out and revised.


Let me tell you about the additional Presets that come with the book. I’m assuming you have the LR4 version here. When onOne Software were running a ‘Marketplace’, I had a set of textures for sale. In addition I had prepared a set of Presets to go on sale for $10 with them. You’re getting these presets included with the book for $7. I do use these ones myself and have a few published bits where they’ve been used.

So if you got the original package, you should have a notification from Craft & Vision for the update.

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