May 18, 2024

In the midst of all the Beta 2 excitement, I’ve a post on a version 1 issue. Beta 2 is not ready as a production tool so I’ve still doing my work in V1.0.
I’ve finally gotten a mix of time and motivation to finish a new site for my main website, that is until Lightroom started doing very strange things. I’ve noticed a slowdown recently, so I figured I could do with optimising the catalog. I’d skipped the backup when I last started (I know, I know), so I let it run this time just in case.

Lightroom went through the integrity check slowly, in fact so slowly, I opted for bed rather than wait on it. As I said in the Beta 2 post, I decided to sleep out the announcement. When I woke this morning and checked the computer, I was greeted with this ominous message:


I checked the technote by clicking on the link. It leads to this page. An interesting read. I’ve had a lot of catalog churn recently with organisation, along with Web Gallery creation, so I’ve been restarting and occasionally having to force quit Lightroom. Somewhere along the way the catalog had become corrupted. Knowing that Dan Tull has put a lot of work into catalog rescue, I figured that either the repair would work, or Dan would have another test catalog. I wasn’t worried as I have a recent backup. So I clicked ‘Repair Catalog’ and let Lightroom work away.

After a while the delightful news came back:


Phew. I’m glad my faith was justified! Instances like these prove that even with a good system, things can fail, so back up!

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