June 21, 2024

Tom Hogarty has announced Camera Raw 5.2, along with letting us know that Lightroom 2.2 will be along in December.
There’s a list of new cameras supported including the new Canon 5D MkII. Panansonic files that need to be converted to DNG have a little caveat whereby they increase to 3 times the normal raw file size. This is because the 3 channels (red, green and blue) need to be added in linear form, allowing lens corrections from Panasonic to be included in the file. A future version of the DNG spec will change this back to normal size, allowing lens compensations to be stored in metadata in the DNG file.

(Via Lightroom Journal.)

6 thoughts on “Camera Raw 5.2 and DNG Converter Available

  1. what’s with that? I have LR 2.1 on my macbook pro (the latest of the silver ones) and i get laggy reactions within LR too – in fact, i restart my mac before and after using it. It’s as though it has a memory leak or something – perhaps it’s the video card, but it was fine with pre 2.0 versions.

    Eager to get this 5dMKii support… hurry uppp guys!! 🙂 i have raw files that need convenient viewing and archiving!!

  2. My iMac is a slower spec and I’m not seeing slowdowns like that. I do occasionally see lags when I use the brush with Auto Mask on. I tend to not use auto mask anyhow, unless it’s for something specific. Having it on does slow things down for sure.
    Having a large catalog does also. While I’ve been keeping to one catalog, I think I’ve found a legitimate reason to split into 2 catalogs: Music and everything else. My live and band promo shots are probably about 1/3 to 1/2 of what I shoot, and the lines between the 2 are well defined. I feel now may be the time to split them as I approach 85K images.

    ACR5.2 does seem faster than 2.1, so hopefully we’ll see these changes in speed in 2.2 with brushing, etc.

  3. Well, 2.1 actually runs, but slow as molasses, the library is so slow and laggy you cant use it to navigate your images, the developer is slow enough to render the brushes unusable, you move, wait for the lag, then move again, wait again. I love Lightroom 1, and the features in LR2, the disk management, the brushes, the 64 bit support are mouthwatering, but sadly (and I’m not the only one) it doesn’t seem to run at even a reasonable speed on my 2.2ghz Intel Dual Core OSX 10.5 MacBook Pro, with 2gb ram, a 7200rpm drive, and 128mb graphics card. It’s not top of the line, but come on, it blows the LR2 minimums out of the water. Some fix needs to be done for all the Macs that seem to have trouble running this program. Even if I took the easiest route and got 4gb of RAM, the reports are that it’s no better. Oh Well, just very disappointing…

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