July 15, 2024

It’s a bit of a book festival in the last few days at my house. While I’m finishing my 2nd pass layouts today, my editor Louise Campagnone is leaving GMC. It’s a bit sad, as I’d have love to have my book ‘Photoshop Lightroom Made Easy’ finished with her. We’re so close, but not close enough so I guess I start with a new editor next week. We’re nearly done on the project, with a bit of editing and layout rearranging to be done, so it won’t be long. Thanks for all your work Louise. I’ll be glad to be done as I feel like ‘Paddy Last’.

My editing was interrupted by the postman showing up the other day with ‘Inside Lightroom 2’ by Richard Earney. Richard is a friend and compadre from as far back as the original Lightoom Beta program, so I was delighted to see this come in the door. It looks great. I’ve only had a quick perusal, but enough to see my name mentioned a few times. Thanks Richard!

This morning another book arrived in the door: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2: A digital photographers guide by Dave Huss and David Plotkin. Dave had been popping back and forth with questions, and was kind enough to give me a mention in the Acknowledgements. Thanks Dave!

BTW folks, those are straight links, no commission on them.

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