May 18, 2024

John Beardsworth has produced a set of Smart Collections to control your workflow. Based on a ‘Current Work’ collection, these Smart collections allow you to see at a glance all work you’ve done, and still need to do, from Flagging to Metadata Entry, along with Edit Status. There’s even sections to help apply the correct Noise reduction for set ISO’s. All in all the set is superbly put together. This post is not a tit for tat on John’s comment on my Grad Presets, I’m genuinely impressed with the list and the previews John presents of it. In fact I think his use of Smart Collections for this purpose is rather inspired. As to Price? Rather than set a fixed price, John directs those who find them useful to his Amazon Wish list.

2 thoughts on “Workflow with Smart Collections

  1. I’ve worked with software for nearly 2 decades now. I can’t tell you how difficult it has been to educate people on how to arrange and conduct search activities. I wonder if anyone will ever do a tutorial on search string theory and how it relates to Lightroom.

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