July 15, 2024

Library Upgrade

The upgrade path from a Beta Library is fraught with peril. Not really, but it does require patience and understanding, especially if you have large Library.
I’ve prepared a video as I do a jump from Beta 4 to V1. Before you begin your upgrade, please read the Readme and help files. Heed the warnings about upgrading therein. Unhide all image files and Import all Photo Binders into the B4.1 Library before starting. On that note, upgrade previous Libraries to B4.1 also. The process will backup the B4 library, in the event of a failure. To aid you in your upgrade here is the video: Library Upgrade Video.

2 thoughts on “Upgrading your Beta 4 Library to Version 1.

  1. I seem to remember reading somewhere that the v1 release had a way of setting the sharpening to preview only the same as in ACR but I can’t find any options other than disabling it completely.


  2. Sean I noticed my previous saved templates were not converted during the v1 upgrade. I manually copied them keeping the old name and both types work.


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