July 15, 2024

If you are an LRB Portfolio user, you may know that I’ve a ton of new features in the current beta version. It’s looking pretty good, if I say so myself.

So while I’m changing things, I want feedback on some potential features:

I’m thinking of tying the height of the about, contact and home pages to the image+border height. This is happening by default, but if I do this, I can add a scrolling control to the page allowing you to add a lot more text, which can be scrolled through.

Add an avatar image to the About page to allow you to add a photo of yourself. I’d simply have a logo called ava.jpg that you replace your image with.

Add a single blank page with the same features of About, so you can choose the image, the name of the page etc.

Change the Menu Font-Variant to a list and leave it on normal by default. I’m seeing too many galleries with this left set!

I’m also considering a new section to the site: A featured website page. I’ve been peeking at a few sites to see what you’re up to, so I wonder if other users would like to see them too!

Finally, before you start jamming up the comments with other requests, here’s the so far list on LRB Portfolio 1.2beta

1.2 Changed charset to UTF-16 to allow for further languages
Fixed Content Area font size issues by adding a Content Font Size control
Added images choice to Menu: You can now use an image instead of text in the menu
Added provisional code to allow Google Analytics code to be pasted:WARNING, each gallery loading will open the Google Analytics code in a browser window. This is how Lightroom deals with external resources and cannot be prevented. If you don’t like this, then leave the Insert Analytics Code box unticked.
Added IE8 conditional code (this is Google beta code and I may drop this)
Added an image choice to the mail page
Change the Page title on the mail page to whatever is in the Page Title
Addition of the Dynamic Drive scroll script and making the internal script options available in the Output Settings panel.
Added the ability to name the gallery1.html page to anything you like (as long as it ends in .html or .htm). The engine will automatically generate the page with the new name and find it correctly (go me, I didn’t think this could be done).

It’s pretty feature laden…. almost a 2.0 feature laden release. But if I do jump a version, it’ll still be the same link for current users when it becomes available.

7 thoughts on “Take it to a vote: new feature ideas for LRB Portfolio.

  1. Hey Danny,
    Vertical centering in CSS is not the easiest, I do know a cheat that I’ve use on thumbnails that might work, but it won’t be in the next version.

    The design is really best with images (both horizontal and vertical) kept to the same height.

  2. Scrolling pictures should left or right justify to the edge of the screen, depending on the direction of scrolling.

    Clicking in the left or right picture should scroll in that direction.
    Then, I’d eliminate the scroll bar.

  3. Lawrence, scrolling added. Avatar done, but need to add more controls. Blank page including headline, text and image choice, done.

    Danny: meta description added to the SEO section.

    Andy.. I’ll look into this. It’ll be small fonted if it happens.

  4. Hey Sean,
    Looking forward to the update. I’d like to vote in favor of a featured site. I’m curious to see what other people have done.
    Would also be nice if we had the option to add a HTML metadata description tag just like we have the option to add the HTML metadata keywords. Thanks!

  5. I want to be to put some text in a footer at the bottom of each page. I’d like to put my © notice, phone, and email at the bottom, preferably centered in the area below the menu bar but in the HScroll I put it in the “Title” area like here http://www.andyherbickphotography.com .

    Thanks for asking for suggestions!


  6. My votes:
    * Scrolling text – yes please
    * Avatar – also a yes
    * Blank page – yes, that’ll be very useful for wedding packages, services, etc. More than one? – That would allow us to put in a page full of links as well?

    The featured site thing sounds great – I’d love to see what other people are doing

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