June 17, 2024

I was inspired by the Flash Gallery Beta gallery that I posted about a few days ago. With the hard work of figuring out how to make Lightroom write the XML done (I’m still thanking Matthew for directions!), I figured that maybe I should actually write my own SWF. I’ve never done much in Flash and 30 days is a short time to get to know it, but I managed to get my website up and going, along with creating the gallery I’m about to show you.

LRB XML Flash Sample Gallery

Features so far:

  • Full rather than cropped thumbnails
  • Slideshow
  • Click on the left of the photo to go back, click on the right to go forward.
  • Title and Caption information.
  • Vertical images are centred, unlike Flash Gallery Beta
  • Scrolling thumbnails
  • Toggle the thumbnail bar on and off

    Things to look into:

  • Transitions look better in the Lightroom Preview, even with a fast connection Added a cross fade. Not 100% sure on the code, but it seems to be working.
  • Option for cropped thumbnails Happy with centered full thumbs.
  • Full Screen Mode
  • Drop Shadows on the thumbnail bar and main slide Done
  • Flyout with Collection Name and Description

    Like I said, feedback is appreciated. And yes I’m aware I need to go back and edit the captions for typos!

  • 8 thoughts on “Sneak Preview: Lightroom Blog Flash Gallery

    1. Hi,

      Looks great!

      But I’d like to submit another vote for image preloading!

      I use LR’s SimpleViewer galleries on my website, http://www.citysnaps.net, and the preloading is the best feature. Images come up instantly as a user clicks the next thumbnail. And the first image in the group is displayed while the others are loading.

      Best – Brad

    2. There’s only 2 sections on screen Alex, so making the Slideshow Icon bigger is not really an option. Maybe a stop and start instead of off and on?

      Preloading every image would mean that the gallery would do nothing until all images are loaded, by which time your client would be long gone!

      Venice was nice with the fog, apart from the freezing cold! I mean to get back there soon.

    3. Hi Sean,

      great work! Much better with the fading now. Maybe you can find a way to preload the images in the background so that they fade immediately even when they show up the first time.

      And it’s a little tricky to figure out how to stop the slideshow. Probably the button could be a little more significant.

      Anyway, verry nice so far. I also like your “face lifted” logo.

      And of course I like the photos! Wished to have had this fog in Venice too.

      Greatings from Germany

    4. Very nice work! I agree with Hendrik, I believe a fade type transition makes image changes less abrupt.

      I really like the work on keeping the thumbnails natural and not cropped.

    5. That is looking very slick.
      I think it would be better to just load new images in the background and fade to them them when they are fully loaded rather than blanking the screen and showing a progress bar. There could still be a small progress indicator somewhere at the bottom of the frame if needed.

    6. I think it would be better to see the loading line on the picture that you’re seeing while it’s loading the selected image… so you won’t see the gray background. Also the picture fading during the slideshow… it could be a fade between images and not to go like:
      – image 1 (i1)
      – fade from i1 to gray background
      – fade from i1 to gray background
      – image 2
      and go more like:
      – image 1 (i1)
      – fade from i1 to i2
      – image 2 (i2)

      good job!

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