July 15, 2024

Free Preset: Sepia
Hey folks, it’s been ages since I gave out a preset. One of the examples of Split Toning I did on my recent tour with Mark Cleghorn was of Sepia toning. So here’s a basic preset that’ll give you a highish contrast Sepia toned image. It’s a subtle rich tone, rather than a yellow aged tone. Think more Greg Gorman rather than old photo.


To install, go to Develop, then right click on any Preset in the Presets panel. Choose ‘Import…’ from the context menu. Navigate to where you downloaded the file to.

Right click to Download the free preset. Use ‘Save Target As..’ or ‘Download Linked File’ and unzip to extract.

Make sure you follow the blog, because I’ll be giving out more presets on a regular basis.

9 thoughts on “Preset: Sepia High Contrast

  1. Sean,

    I too had a problem and think I have the answer. It downloads as a .txt file, at least on Mac. Finally tried deleting the .txt, leaving it end as .lrtemplate, and that worked.

    Very nice!

    1. Left clicking yes. Right clicking involves selecting from a menu, so it sounds like you chose Open instead of Save or Download…

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