July 19, 2024

With the advent of onOne software’s Perfect Suite 5.5, we’ve been promised and additional program: Perfect Layers. Well the wait is over for those itching to try the product: onOne have announced a Public Preview of Perfect Layers

Inspired by, and designed with Scott Kelby, Perfect Layers allows you to blend layers without Photoshop, as a plugin for Lightroom (version 1.0 will include Aperture and Bridge support). You can replace skies, swap heads, make use of blend modes, etc. You have layer mask tools to control the balance between layers, and can even resize layers as needed. 

I’ve been looking forward to this tool for a while, and a quick look at means I know I’m going to be playing with it a bit later today! Andy from onOne Software UK spoke a lot about this when I did the Photoshop vs Lightroom tour last November, so you can imagine how pleased I am that it’s finally here.

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