July 19, 2024

In the midst of all the current madness going on in the country around me, I’m pleased to announce that LRB Portfolio 2.0 has been released and is available to buy now. Users of older versions can use their download link to get the new version.
A new website is now online for the product: http://lrbportfolio.com/. The site will be the most up to date place to look for news on LRB Portfolio.


  • Changed charset to UTF-16 to allow for further languages
  • Fixed Content Area font size issues by adding a Content Font Size control
  • Added image choice to Menu
  • Added provisional code to allow Google Analytics code to be pasted:WARNING, each gallery loading will open the Google Analytics code in a browser window. This is how Lightroom deals with external resources and cannot be prevented. If you don’t like this, then leave the Insert Analytics Code box unticked.
  • Added IE8 conditional code
  • Added an image choice to the mail page
  • Change the Page title on the mail page to whatever is in the Page Title
  • Addition of the Dynamic Drive scroll script and making the internal script options available in the Output Settings panel.
  • Added on text editing for home, about and blank pages
  • added a body width option
  • Fixed float issues with images dropping down.
  • Go to LRB Portfolio Website.

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