July 19, 2024

I'm back to reality after a week of teaching in Buxton. Buxton is one of the locations for Paul RG Haley's residential training weeks. I'm one of the trainers, along with Paul, Richie Crossley, Gary Hill & Julie Oswin. Topics range from Photoshop, Lightroom, seeing light, Speedlites indoors and outdoors, studio lighting, building rapport, marketing, SEO, and sales.

This time there were 3 female models, and 1 male across the classes. There was also plenty of opportunities to book models for personal work. Having a male model this time meant the wedding-based classes now had a bride and groom (although regularly one of the attendees would be the groom anyway!). Each practical class was followed by 3 short sessions that allowed the participants to put what they learned in the class into practice. As these are paid session with the models, the results can be used for portfolio and competition, whereas photos from the classes can't be.

The community and camaraderie that gets built at these weeks extends into normal life too, giving a large network of friends that help each other out. A great majority of people go more than once for this reason.

I had a ball as usual and went from feeling like being in a slump to producing new work that I'm quite proud of.

After a run of 5 or sessions at Buxton, the next one is in Glensevin, Wales next April. I'm already booked and looking forward to it. For more details check out http://prgh.co.uk/details.html. The places for this fill quickly, and while there are some left still (even though it's months away), you can secure a place with a small booking fee.

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