May 22, 2024

One problem with a blog is that it’s very much a linear thing based entirely on chronology, which makes it a little one dimensional. I’ve been endeavouring to add more dimension to it using Labels, but I think it’s time to start making reference pages. There’s quite a lot of material in the blog going right back to the original Beta. So I think the first thing to do is to make a reference page for Video Tutorials from the past. Obviously (to me anyway) it makes more sense to have the newest ones on top, although a lot of the material can still be relevant despite being from a previous version. Being the start of 2009, it makes sense to try and gather the resources together.

I’ve created a little shop page at, which I’ll use as the template for this. Basically I’ll have a short description and clickable thumnbnail. I’ll also include videos I’ve done for Lightroom News too, perhaps in their own section.

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