July 20, 2024

The normal route to making text slides is by creating them in Photoshop or another similar program. Here’s a little workaround video to getting them in Lightroom directly. For a black background to the text slides, simply take a photo with your lens cap on. For other styles, you could use a photo of a solid colour or texture.
In the Video I use Job Identifier as the holder for the text in the Slides, but you can use anything that is not used by the images in the slideshow. Make sure the text box you use in the Slideshow setup matches whatever metadata you choose.
The video is in .m4v iPod Video format so Right Click the link to download it. I haven’t done a video for a while, so excuse any mistakes!

7 thoughts on “Video: Creating Text slides for Slideshow in Lightroom

  1. Daniel, I’ve tested the download and it works fine, so I’m not sure what your issue is. The link is correct and the file is definitely there. Safari will sometimes append a .txt to the file, this needs to be changed to .m4v.
    Normally the file will show 0kb when it is downloading and will continuing doing so until the download is complete.

    I’m considering a change to using Flash video, same as YouTube. It may just be better embedded in the post.

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