July 19, 2024

In these days of convergence, where 2 of the newest DSLRS offer HD video recording capabilities (albeit basic), and almost every compact has some kind of video mode, I’d like to see Lightroom support Video. At minimum, I’d like it to import the video with my images. Preferably, I’d like to be able to playback the video and perhaps add basic metadata (copyright, keywords etc). I have no expectations of being able to edit video, or even work on colour, brightness etc. I just want to have my video managed with my images.

There are a couple of specific personal reasons for this. One is the slowly growing collection of time lapse videos I’m creating. Obviously I have a selection of video tutorials that I’d like to keep better track of. I do also use Snap Pro X to record Slideshows to video (I’d prefer to see this as an option in Lightroom, but that’s not the thrust of this post), so I’d like to access them also.

On top of all that, with my intention to purchase a Canon 5D Mk II in the near future (Jan-Feb timeframe), and the fact that I just completed a short film course, I’d like to be able to add my finished Final Cut work to Lightroom.

Yes, there are other programs I could use for asset management, but I’ve already shifted away from them since I began using Lightroom. Version 2.2 will be on us in December, as announced by Tom Hogarty, so maybe as the end of the year approaches, we should be thinking about where we want this program to go. I’m not talking about feature bloat here though. Let’s aim for actual usable features we need in our work and workflow.

I haven’t really done a ‘Comment’ style post this year, but as I really feeling this need, I thought it might be good for discussion.

15 thoughts on “Video and Lightroom

  1. Hopefully this feature will show up in LR, but I didn't notice it on the 3.0 beta. I don't even take video on my Nikon D90 since I can't import to LR.If I could, I would. A very nice function for video on a photography camera is the ability to state location, time and comments on a brief video.

  2. I agree 110%!!!!! I really wish Lightroom could handle my video clips from my digital camera along with my photos. They are all part of one experience. I also want to tag the videos with the same kind of meta data I tag my photos. In the case of video I don’t want to edit it, just manage it’s existence + meta data. I can go outside of Lightroom if I edit video.

  3. if adobe isn’t doing this themselves, is this something that can be done by a third party as some type of plug-in? does lightroom have support for something like that?

  4. I’ve been asking for this for A LONG time. The ability to keyword and tag files to keep track of them is a great ability. (The ability to keyword tag other items like .pdfs or documents to have all your project information at your fingertips could even be useful for some)

    I’ve even stated before in the Adobe forums, as you have above, that editing of video need not be included… but its AMAZING how many people seem dead set against it claiming this ‘fluff’ would take away from other precious development time.

    It doesn’t seem like this would be too time-consuming an addition, as the ability to tag and have thumbnails already exists. A simple call to the OS default program for that file type would solve the problem of being able to play the file.

  5. Yup, plus one. Even before the SLR’s started doing this stuff our little digicams mean we’ve got video mixed in with our photos.

  6. just got 5d Mark II and Lightroom not having video is really making it hard to manage my collection of images and video.

    I’m currently looking at other options maybe just using bridge.

  7. Absolutely. I have missed this function the last years. Today I create a snapshot of my video-files and add a film-frame around it before I import the picture to Lightroom. This at least reminds me that I have a video when searching the library.

  8. Yes, I’m not bothered by any “editing” features – LR is clearly for image management – but the refusal to import .AVI files from my Canon Ixus is annoying, as I have to go back out to the camera later to get the video clips. Some level of catalog and metadata management, plus basic import, would be great.

  9. Yep with the 5D Mark II and others sure to follow it would be great to import and store in the same place.

    With regards to future features I would really like to see some perspective, barrel and pincushion controls.

  10. Oh oh, Count me in on that – exactly what has been my gripe recently as we returned from a vacation with 1000 pictures from three cameras, including video clips. OF excels at sorting up all the pcis but the videos are “lost”

  11. I totally agree. I have a lot of video clips taken of family moments using my old Canon G3 and right now they are basically lost on my hard drive. I want to be able to caption and Keyword them in the same manner (and software) that I do my photos. Allowing Lightroom to least contain their metadata and allow me to play them (even if in an external app) would be fantastic.

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