July 20, 2024

New video folks, now that I’ve a new mic setup. The old one just didn’t endure, so now it’s onto a proper studio recording setup. It’s also there for making music too, as I’m working on short videos.

Anyway today I’m looking at using the Radial filter in processing Landscapes. It’s probably one of my favourite tools in Lightroom for this. Click through to YouTube to get the HD version.


4 thoughts on “Using the Radial Tool in Landscape processing.

  1. Brilliant – thanks Sean,
    it’s good change up the way of doing things every now and then. Instead of bemoaning the limitations of tools (the gradient tool in this case) you’ve come at it from a different way. Certainly opened my eyes to the possibilities.


  2. Beautiful selection of colors. The video is short enough to keep my attention, the material itself is very well explained.

    The first gradient you created almost looked like a radial one since you had the edges pretty much horizontal.

    I imagine you started with a radial filter instead of a gradient filter so that you could duplicate it afterwards. Can you confirm?

    1. I started with a Radial Filter because you simply can’t do it with a Graduated filter. The first one was a Radial Filter. The edges are horizontal because I went out to 16:1 zoom and dragged it out to make them almost horizontal.

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