July 15, 2024

My video on the Web Module is now live on Phototraining4U.com. It’s the 10th video in my Lightroom series for them, along with live videos and interviews. It covers the Flash and HTML galleries in Lightroom 3 and is slightly over 10 minutes long. It’s ironic that 2 items done months apart are released with in days of each other, with the NAPP article on web only just out!

Phototraining4U is a photography training website that covers everything from business, to portraits, lighting, processing, to weddings. As well as training from Mark Cleghorn, there’s other training from the PT4U masters, including Kenny Martin and Andy Rouse. They offer yearly subscriptions, along with monthly options. You can use the discount code ‘SEAN’ to get a substantial reduction on a yearly subscription.

Recent videos include:

  • Paul Walker PT4U Master Pet Photographer Fellowship Panel
  • Finishing The Image Part 4
  • PT4U Go To Photokina 2010 Part 1
  • PT4U Go To Photokina 2010 Part 2
  • Studio Watch – Meet The Owner Part 2
  • PT4U Go To Photokina 2010 Part 3
  • Studio Watch – Meet The Owner Part 1
  • Studio Watch – The Inspector
  • PT4U Master Kenny Martin Shoots Photo Noir On Location
  • WOW Passion Part 1
  • WOW Passion 1 Inspire Slide Show
  • Colour Balance- Lastolite School Of Photography
  • Family Group Building On Location Part 2
  • Lighting The Male Physique Part 3
  • OSY and John – Day 12 The Last Shoot Part 1
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