July 19, 2024

Santa Ponsa Beach HD Time Lapse from Sean McCormack on Vimeo.

When thinking about possible feature requests for Lightroom, I began thinking about time lapse photography applications. Now I’m far from an expert on this, but I have done more than enough basic time lapse videos to be familiar with it. Generally I’ve been using either my Canon TC-80N3 intervalometer, or using EOS utility and a Watched folder in Lightroom. When done I do a video sized export (eg 1280X720 for HD) and use Quicktime Pro to generate the actual video using Open Image Sequence.
While I’m happy with these, I’ve seen much cooler videos online and from my mate Chris Tierney. Chris uses After Effects to do his panning, and to be blunt, it’s well beyond what I need or could afford.
While discussing this with fellow Lightroom folks, coder extraordonaire Jeffrey Friedl came up with a script that made use of Lightroom Metadata cropping to achieve what I wanted. Now Jeffrey will be blogging about the script and hosting it shortly. So by way of introduction, I’m showing a recent timelapse video that uses the panning from Jeffrey’s script. I’ll defer to Jeffrey on instructions, but in the meantime, check out my Santa Ponsa Time Lapse.

2 thoughts on “Panning Timelapse using Lightroom

  1. Great post. Thanks for putting that video together. I was just looking to make a time lapse from LR content photos, but now I know how to pan as well!

  2. Sean,
    Can you help me with the perl script? I have it loaded in the folder, but it keeps telling me it cannot open perl script “pan”: No such file or directory.

    CAn you help? I’d really like to try this panning timelapse ability.

    Thank you,
    Todd Burleson

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