July 20, 2024

As we were painfully aware throughout the Beta cycle, there was no way to add borders or frames to our precious prints in Lightroom, bar a 20 pt stroke. Well through the genius of Andreas Norén, we have found and tested a way. Sid Jervis up at Lightroom Extra has detailed one way of doing it. Here I present a way to do it in Print, without affecting your current ID Plate (that’s the clue!). I’m also including my frame for you to test this.

But what about the 60px limit on Graphical ID Plates, I hear you ask? Well this is not an image limit, it a size limit based on the height of the ID Plate in the Module picker. Bigger than this and the ID Plate will not fit. But as we’re not using it this way, the size doesn’t matter.

Side note: I edited this in Garageband, but it threw a hissy fit so I’ve left in my patented ‘Okays’ and left out the new little jingle I wrote :(.
Update: I managed to figure a way to get rid of most of them, but no new jingle 🙂

4 thoughts on “Making and Using Borders in the Print Module.

  1. “Duh! Of course!”, he said, stupidly. “Minimum dock size, maximum magnification and a righthand screen position gives me just the effect I desire!” He then thanked his host profusely and sneaked out the door into the night.


  2. It was the Dock. I keep mine on the Right that’s all.
    The video wasn’t full screen. I could’ve Cmd-Tab to it too.

  3. Very clever and well presented. Thank you!
    Just as clever was what looked to be a replacement dock that sprung out of the righthand side of the frame about halfway through the movie – it’s how you switched to Photoshop.
    At the risk of being nosey, what was that thing?!?
    Thanks again,

  4. Excellent! Thanks for the tip Sean, very useful. Always enjoy your videos (nice to be able to hear you more clearly too! Just kidding!)

    Kind regards,
    Derby, UK

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