July 20, 2024

Along with a number of well known figures from the Lightroom Community, I’ve been involved with a new venture from Adobe: The Lightroom Learn Wiki. This community help system is an updated version of LiveDocs, with added interactivity. Users can add comments and link to existing documents to expand and explain further. The base documentation is still controlled and supported by Adobe. Anita Dennis is the lady in charge of the whole project and has worked quite hard to bring this to fruition.

In order to keep order in the Wiki, there are a number of moderators that will keep an eye on users links and comments. These come from the Lightroom Advisors team that worked with Anita bringing the Wiki up to date. None of the Moderators are permanent, but will cycle from within the group.

Feel free to check it out, especially with all the additional resources and links that have been added to the LiveDocs.

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